TNT EVENTS was founded in Jan 2004.

From the love of exhibiting and managing other events for more than a total of 20 years, we felt a need to give exhibitors new venues to exhibit their works of Art of our exhibitors and helping with there needs.

We work hard with an aggressive advertising program and professional exhibitors to produce a smooth running successful event from start to finish.

As previous exhibitors ourselves, we were often dismayed at the amount of Buy-Sell items that were allowed in most events. We felt that Artist and Fine Crafters were having a hard time competing in the market.

We strive to give our exhibitors the best venue possible with Artist handcrafted original work. Not work of mass production studios. We strongly feel that Artist and Crafters alike are seeking quality venue to exhibit their works of Art.

We also offer a limited green market products for customers that are looking for that type of item. We also have limited commercial booths that promote there businesses by handing out brochures for there company.

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please give us a call.


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